Kanishka Misra

Kanishka Misra

PhD Candidate


Purdue University

I am a PhD candidate at Purdue University, where I work on Natural Language Understanding with Dr. Julia Taylor Rayz at the AKRaNLU Lab. I am particularly interested in characterizing the semantic knowledge made available to computational models that only learn from textual exposure. I work closely with Dr. Allyson Ettinger and her lab at UChicago. I am also affiliated with CERIAS, Purdue’s center for research and education in areas of information security.

I was recently selected to be a Graduate Student Fellow in the inaugural Purdue Graduate School Mentoring Fellows program!

I am the author of minicons, a python package that facilitates large scale behavioral analyses of transformer language models.

I recently hosted a two part discussion group on Neural Nets for Cognition @ CogSci 2022!

My email is kmisra @ purdue [dot] edu.[why is it like that?]


  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Concepts and Categories
  • Language Understanding
  • Lexical Semantics
  • Typicality and Vagueness


  • Julia Rayz, Purdue (Advisor)
  • Allyson Ettinger, UChicago
  • Najoung Kim, NYU/Google
  • Adina Williams, Meta AI
  • Koustuv Sinha, Meta AI